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Kathy Light

Kathy Light – member of Port Jefferson and WMGA Honorary Member (2016). Kathy never shied away from helping others, and that was proven by her more than ten years of volunteering with the WMGA. Beginning in 1996, Kathy stepped up to be Tournament Co-Chair, and then, in succession, served as Membership Chair, 2nd Vice President, VP of Competitions and then, in 2005, as President.

Stella Oliver

Stella Oliver – member of Knollwood Country Club and WMGA Honorary Member (2017). Stella has won 29 women’s club championships: 10 at Sprain Valley Women’s Golf Club and 18 at Knollwood, and she has carded 8 hole-in-ones!  For more than 40 years, Stella served as a WMGA Met Rep, actively recruiting new members and championing the camaraderie of women’s golf. With her commitment to the game and steadiness on the course, it’s easy to understand why her golfing buddies call her “Pipeline Stella” and “The Machine.”

Anna Sanford (Mrs. Edward Field Sanford)

NY Times Article – Miss Bishop Wins Golf Championship

Anna Sanford (Mrs. Edward Field Sanford) – member of Essex County Country Club.  Anna served as the third president of the WMGA in 1905-06 and was later named an honorary President. While she never won a WMGA title, Anna has the distinction of being runner-up to Georgianna Bishop twice – 1904 Women’s Amateur and 1906 Match Play Championship.

Rosemary Mankiewicz

Judy Bell Award Article on Rosemary 

Photo of Rosemary

Westchester Magazine Article 

Rosemary Mankiewicz – member of Bedford Golf and Tennis and WMGA Honorary Member (2016). When Rosemary arrived in the United States from England in the 1960’s, she joined the WMGA. Then, when she joined Bedford, she offered to be the club’s Met Rep, and that evolved into more than 30 years of volunteering! She served as Series Captain, District Chair, course rater, Tournament Chair and President. It is no surprise that Rosemary was honored with the Judy Bell Award in 2003 for all that she did for women’s golf. 

Phyllis Schofield

Judy Bell Award goes to Phyllis Schofield

Centennial Luncheon celebrating Phyllis Schofield

Phyllis Schofield – member of Ardsley Golf Club and WMGA Honorary Member. When Phyllis joined Ardsley Golf Club in 1970, she became a member of the WMGA, and during the 1980’s served on the Board as the Printing Chair and earned her reputation as one of the WMGA’s finest proofreaders. In 1999, Phyllis, a consummate volunteer, was awarded the prestigious Ike Grainger Award (visit our E-museum to read more about Phyllis’ connection to Ike), and in 2004, she was the recipient of the Judy Bell Award for her contributions to women’s golf.

Dot Paluck

Dot Paluck Judy Bell Award Article

WMGA Honorary Member Photo

Dot Paluck Honored by NJSGA and NJ Section of PGA

Dot Paluck – member of Baltusrol and Somerset Hills and WMGA Honorary Member (2014). Dot’s connection with the WMGA evolved from team matches, where she moved from being a Series Captain to a course rater to holding multiple positions on the board, including a term as president during the late 1990’s. Dot was instrumental in the development of a long-range plan for the WMGA, including the hiring of an executive director.  Her dedication to women’s golf was recognized when she was honored with the Judy Bell Award in 2005.

Brigid Lamb

Brigid Lamb Judy Bell Award Article

Brigid Lamb Bio from NJSGA

Brigid Shanley Lamb – member of Maidstone and Somerset Hills and WMGA Honorary Member (2014). Brigid, an accomplished golfer with club championship titles at Maidstone and Somerset Hills, continues her tireless support of women’s golf. In 1993, she became the WMGA’s Junior Chair and was one of the driving forces behind the Junior program, and then in 1999 she served as President. Brigid was honored with the Judy Bell Award in 2006 for her role in developing a long-range plan for the WMGA, including the formation of the WMGA Girls Junior Scholarship Foundation and the creation of the www.wmga.com website.

Cynthia Alexandre Foshay (Mrs. DeWitt Alexandre)

Photo of Mr. and Mrs. Alexandre

Cynthia’s Bio

Article – Mrs. DeWitt Alexandre No Stranger to Jersey Golfers

NY Times Article – Mrs. Hart’s Team Captures Rain-Curtailed Golf Tourney

Cynthia honored with MGA Distinguished Service Award

Cynthia Alexandre Foshay (Mrs. DeWitt Alexandre) – member of Somerset Hills and WMGA Honorary Member (1979). Cynnie, as she was known, won her share of WMGA tournaments in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, including the Mother-Daughter with both her daughters, the Husband-Wife, and the Better Ball A.  However, it was her dedication to the game of golf, including terms as WMGA president, vice-president and tournament chair, that is most memorable.

Alberta Little Bower (Mrs. Albert B. Bower)

WMGA Honorary Member write up on Alberta Bower

Stroke Play Champion

NY Times Article – Mrs. Bower Gains State Golf Title

Article – Mrs. Bower Defeats Mrs. Hart, 4 & 3, and Gains Metropolitan Golf Title

Alberta Little Bower (Mrs. Albert B. Bower) – member of Pelham and WMGA Honorary Member (1981). “B,” as she was called, moved to the Met area in the late 1960’s and wasted no time getting her name into WMGA record books. She won the Match Play four times over three decades, the inaugural Stroke Play Championship in 1978, and multiple Senior Championship titles. Her most notable accomplishment was winning state championships in five states: Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York and South Carolina.

Ann Beard

Service with a Smile – Ann Beard Distinguished Service Award Article

WMGA Honorary Member Ann Beard

Ann Beard – Judy Bell Award Recipient

Ann Beard – member of Essex Fells and WMGA Honorary Member (1992). From the time she moved to the Met area in the 1960’s and joined the WMGA, Ann played in many local events, as well as nine USGA championships. Her two wins were with her daughter Kendra: the Better Ball A in 1982 and the Mother-Daughter in 1985.  While she did win the Essex Fells club championship over 20 times, as well as the NJ Senior Amateur title, Ann’s greatest accomplishments revolved around her dedication to the game. Beyond serving on the WMGA board, including one term as president, Ann is an expert on the Rules of Golf and served as the Chair of the USGA Women’s Committee. In 1991, she was honored with the MGA’s Distinguished Service Award, and her expertise in golf administration was further recognized when she was named the first recipient of the Judy Bell Award in 1998.  The award was created to honor individuals who have made a significant contribution to women’s and/or junior girls’ golf in the metropolitan area.

Ann Linen Probert

Stroke Play Champion Article

Probert birdie putt defeats O’Connor

USGA Honors Ann Probert with Ike Grainger Award

WMGA Honors – Judy Bell Award

Ann Linen Probert (Mrs. Edward Probert) – member of Rock Spring and Somerset Hills and WMGA Honorary Member (2014). Ann’s connection with the WMGA began when she won the Junior Girls’ title in 1956. Since then she has won dozens of titles, including the Match Play, Stroke Play, Husband-Wife, Mother-Daughter, Mother-Son and Senior, not to mention carding 14 hole-in-ones! Ann also represented the WMGA for the Griscom Cup and the French-American Challenge. Off the golf course, Ann has held a variety of positions on the WMGA board and was president for one term, as well. For her dedication to women’s golf and volunteerism, Ann was honored with the Judy Bell Award in 2002 and the Ike Grainger Award in 2009. The Isaac “Ike” B. Grainger award was created in 1995 to honor USGA volunteers who unselfishly served the Association for 25 years or more.

Margaret (Peggy) Mackie

NY Times Article – Miss Mackie Takes Golf , 7 & 6

NY Times Article – Miss Mackie’s 78 Wins

WMGA Honorary Member Margaret Mackie

Margaret (Peggy) Mackie – member of Inwood and WMGA Honorary Member (1997). Peggy, a two-time WMGA Junior Girls’ champion, in 1929 and 1930, would continue to compete in WMGA tournaments, winning the Match Play Championship in 1951.  As the daughter of Jack Mackie, Inwood’s golf pro and one of the founding members of the PGA, it is quite appropriate that her last win in 1977 was the Mackie, named in honor of her father.

Carolyn Cassidy Cudone (Mrs. Phillip Cudone)

Photo of Carolyn winning WMGA Championship Trophy

NY Times Article – Mrs. Cudone, on 236, Wins U.S. Senior Women’s Golf

Carolyn Cudone – WMGA Judy Bell Award Recipient

There’s a Rabbit’s Foot Waiting for You – Curtis Cup Article authored by Carolyn Cudone 

Carolyn Cassidy Cudone (Mrs. Philip Cudone) – member of Crestmont, The Knoll, Montclair, and Forest Hill and WMGA Honorary Member (1973). Carolyn’s first win as a WMGA member was at the 1938 Windle Challenge. She and her mother won four Mother-Daughter Championships and she had her name engraved on the Match Play trophy five times between 1955 and 1965. However, it was after she turned 50 that she forever etched her name in golf history by winning the USGA’s Senior Women’s Amateur for five consecutive years from 1968-72. She is remembered as a “gracious winner and a cheerful loser who loved to laugh.”

Judy Frank

NY Times Gay Talese Article – Judy Is Many Things, Mostly Frank

NY Times Article – Judy Frank Takes Metropolitan Golf

NY Times Article – Judy Frank andMrs. Cudone Gain in Metropolitan Golf

Judy Frank – member of Aldercress (now Alpine) and Old Oaks Country Club. Judy was the 1951 and 1953 winner of the WMGA Junior Girls’ Tournament, and after graduating from Barnard, she continued to compete in WMGA tournaments. She won the Match Play championship three years in a row, as well as the Shore Tournament in the late 1950’s, before marrying and becoming an editor for Golf Magazine. She was the “dahling” of the local press as she was interviewed by Gay Talese for a feature article in The NY Times and her face graced the cover of the October 1958 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.

Marion "Sis Choate" (Mrs. Allison Choate)

NY Times Article – Mrs. Choate Wins Senior Golf Title

WMGA Honorary Member – Sis Choate

NY Times Article – Mrs. Choate, at 157, Wins U.S. Senior Women’s Golf

Marion “Sis” Choate (Mrs. Allison Choate) – member of Apawamis and WMGA Honorary Member (1984). Sis competed in WMGA tournaments from the 1950’s through the 1970’s. She won her club championship at Apawamis 22 times, the USGA’s Senior Women’s Amateur in 1963, and was the Captain of the US Curtis Cup Team in 1974. When the inaugural WMGA Kirkland Pinehurst was held in 1969, she and her partner, Maureen Orcutt, were the winners. In 1989, the Pinehurst was renamed in her honor; a fitting tribute since she won the event four times.

Maureen Orcutt

Maureen Orcutt Tribute 

Women in Sports – Article written by Maureen Orcutt

Ladies’ Professional Golfers Hall of Fame Article

Miss Orcutt on Long Drives

Article – Maureen Orcutt Eight Times Champion

Article – Today’s Ideal Golf Course for Women

Photo of Maureen Orcutt

Photo of Maureen Golfing

Maureen Orcutt – lifelong member of White Beeches and Honorary WMGA Member (1951). Maureen won 28 WMGA trophies, and she captured the Match Play Championship ten times: first at age 19 in 1926 and the last at 61 in 1968! Over her lifetime she won more than 65 major tournaments and was a sportswriter with her own column in The NY Times. She served as the WMGA’s Junior Girls’ Golf Chair for 11 years, and the Maureen Orcutt Tournament for Junior Girls is an apt celebration of her life.

Martha Parker

Junior Champion Article

Memories by Martha

Martha Parker Took Up Golf On Beating Father at Tennis

Miss Parker takes NJ Title

Martha Parker – member of Spring Lake Golf and Country Club and Westchester Hills Country Club. Martha decided to skip school one day in 1921, and that was the day she won the WMGA’s first Junior Girls’ Tournament. After graduating from college, Martha won the WMGA Match Play title twice, in 1930 and 1932. A fun fact about Martha is that her dad first taught her how to play tennis, and when she started to beat him, he decided to introduce her to golf!

Helen Hicks

Article – Helen Hicks the First Woman to Become a Professional

Photo of Helen winning U.S. Amateur Trophy

Photo of Helen Hicks Swinging

Helen Hicks – member of Inwood Country Club. While Helen was winning 3 WMGA Junior Girl titles in the 1920’s, she was also a star on the court for her Lawrence High School basketball team. She would later win the Match Play Championship in 1931 and 1933, before testing her game on the national level, becoming the first WMGA member to turn pro. The press called her “4H: hard-hitting Helen Hicks,” and the president of Wilson Sporting Goods dubbed her the “business woman golfer.” In 1950, Helen was one of the 13 founding members of the LPGA.

Ruth Adel Torgenson Leffler (Mrs. Reinert Torgerson)

Write up on Ruth 

NY Times Article – NY State Links Medal goes to Torgerson

NY Time Article – Mrs. Torgerson ‘s 80 Takes First in Oceanside Golf

Ruth Adel Torgerson Leffler (Mrs. Reinert Torgerson) – member of Lakeville,Queens Valley, Cherry Valley, and Meadowbrook. In the 1920’s, Ruth balanced schoolwork and passing the bar with taking golf lessons and practicing. By the time she entered her first tournament in 1933, she was primed to win and she did. In addition to her 5 NY State Amateur titles, she won multiple WMGA tournaments. Notably, Ruth was the Match Play champ three times in the 1940’s, won the Mother-Daughter with her mom five times over three decades, won the Father-Daughter once with her dad, and her six Husband-Wife titles spanned two decades.

Myra D. Paterson

NY Time Article – Good Golf at Pinehurst

Myra D Paterson Trophy Article

Myra D. Paterson – a member of Baltusrol, Knollwood and Westchester. Myra never won any WMGA tournaments, but she served 10 years as president from 1910-1914, 1922-1923, and 1929-1931 and then she was named an honorary president in 1932. Today, the inter-district team competition for “B” players bears her name.

Lillian H. Hyde (Mrs. Quentin F. Feitner)

NY Times Article – Miss Hyde Easy Victor on the Links

Article on Lilian Hyde

Member of South Shore Field Club. Lillian was a frequent competitor in WMGA tournaments and won the Match Play championship 6 times during the 1920s.

Alexa Stirling

NY Times Article – Reach Semi-Finals in Met Golf Play

NY Times Article – Miss Sterling is Winner by 3 and 2

Photo of Alexa Stirling and Bobby Jones

Alexa Stirling – member of the North Hempstead Country Club. Alexa won tournaments all over the United States and Canada, and for that short time when she lived in the Met region, Alexa won back to back WMGA Match Play titles in 1922 and 1923. A fun fact is that when she was 12 she played her first organized golf tournament against childhood friend, Bobby Jones, who was 7.  Even though she won the match, the organizers gave the trophy to Jones!

Marion Hollins

Marion Hollins Memorial Project YouTube Video

Marion Hollins Article

Marion Hollins – A Dream Come True

World Golf Hall of Fame 

Photo of Marion – Monterey Peninsula

Photo of Marion in 1921


Marion Hollins – member of the Westbrook Golf Club. Marion won the Match Play Championship three times between 1913 and 1924, and she also won the Women’s Amateur in 1921.  When the Creek Club on Long Island banned women, Hollins helped design the golf course that would become Women’s National Golf and Tennis in Glen Head (now Glen Head Country Club). She also founded Cypress Point Golf Club, designing the iconic 16th hole and Pasatiempo Golf Club. Marion captained the first USA Curtis Cup Team in 1932. By the way, she will be inducted into the Golf Hall of Fame this year!

Miss Beatrix Hoyt

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A WMGA founder and member of Shinnecock Golf Club. The fifth member of the WMGA’s Executive Committee (1899-1901), Beatrix was a three-peat winner of the Women’s Amateur from 1896-98, and golf historians dubbed her “America’s young Tom Morris.”

Genevieve Hecker (Mrs. Charles T. Stout)

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A member of Wee Burn and then the Apawamis Club, Genevieve was the first winner of the WMGA’s Match Play Championship in 1900, and she would win that title 3 more times that decade. She was also a two-time Women’s Amateur champion and the author of the 1904 book Golf for Women. 

Caroline Fraser Manice (E.A. Manice)

Click Here for NY Times Article – Defeat for Mrs. Hecker, Mrs. Manice Triumphs Over the Champion

A member of Baltusrol, Caroline was a three-time winner of the Match Play Championship from 1902-04 and served as president of the WMGA in 1904. She was noted for her long game and won the driving competition at Ardsley in 1898, approximately 185 yards!

Miss Georgianna M. Bishop

Emma Leavitt-Morgan (Mrs. W. Fellowes Morgan)

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A WMGA founder and member of Baltusrol. First president of the WMGA (1899-1903), Emma was originally a tennis player, and with Mabel Cahill won the women’s doubles title of the American National Championship (today’s US Open) in 1891.

Mrs. William Shippen

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A WMGA founder and member of Morris County Golf Club. First vice-president of the WMGA (1899-1903), Mrs. Shippen was one of a group of women who established Morris County Golf Club in 1894 and ran it, until it was co-opted by their husbands a few years later!

Mrs. DeWitt Cochrane

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A WMGA founder and member of Ardsley Golf Club. First treasurer of the WMGA (1899-1993), Mrs. Dewitt-Cochrane was a club champion at Ardsley, and like the other 4 founders, competed in the 1899 Women’s Amateur.

Miss Ruth Underhill

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A WMGA founder and member of Nassau Country Club. First secretary of the WMGA (1899-1903), Ruth was the champion of the 1899 Women’s Amateur.