Team Matches

Team Matches are the cornerstone of the WMGA.

The Interclub Team Matches, first played in 1900, were re-structured in 1947 to the current three districts: New Jersey [including Staten Island], Westchester/Connecticut and Long Island.  Within each district are multiple Series; New Jersey currently has 12 Series, Westchester/CT has 9 Series and Long Island has 8 Series.  Each Series is comprised of a maximum of 6 teams. Teams select five players from their roster to represent their club on each of the five given Match Play events. The matches are held on successive Tuesdays and Thursdays over a 2.5 week period in early spring culminating with an Interdistrict Championship for the top teams of the respective Series One. Movement of teams is based on a ladder structure.  The current Nassau system scoring was implemented in the early 1970’s and, in 2019, we extended the right of a Member Club to field up to three separate teams.   The WMGA mission to encourage team play is fulfilled every spring on those five given days when there are over 865 women playing competitive golf on 28 courses in the tri-state area!

2024 Team Match Dates

April: 25th, 30th (Thursday, Tuesday)

May: 2nd, 7th, 9th (Thursday, Tuesday, Thursday)

Interdistrict Championship: TBD

2023 District at a Glance

Long Island

New Jersey