Independent Membership

In pursuit of our mission in 2017, the WMGA opened up membership to amateur women who have a competitive spirit and are looking for new venues and tournaments to play in.

1. Any female amateur golfer who is not a member of a Member Club with a maximum USGA Handicap Index of 25.0 may apply for Independent Membership at any time during the year.
2. An Independent Member must meet the requirements set forth in the WMGA Constitution and Bylaws.
3. An Independent Member must meet two of the following criteria:
a) Resident address must be within WMGA territory.
b) Hold a USGA Handicap Index serviced by a local organization (MGA, NJSGA, CSGA).
c) Majority of rounds of golf posted over the previous year, in season, must be within the WMGA territory.
4. Annual dues for Independent Membership are $250 and should be remitted to the WMGA Office. Dues will not be refunded for any reason after April 1 of the current year. Note: annual dues are waived for Junior girls under the age of 19.
5. Independent Members are ineligible to play in Team Matches, vote, or serve on the Executive Board. (Note: Junior Independent Members may not hold office)
6. The Independent Membership Committee holds the final decision to approve applicants and reserves the right to modify any of the rules in this book governing Independent Membership.