Honorary Members

Sixteen women have the distinction of being named honorary members of the WMGA.

Their distinguished performance on the golf course and outstanding contributions to the furtherance of the ideals of golf separate these women from their peers. No trophy goes with this honor, but the respect these women receive from the membership, long after their golf feats are forgotten, is sufficient reward.

Two former presidents – Myra D. Paterson, and Mrs. Edward (Anna) Sanford – were named honorary presidents before that distinction was discontinued.

Maureen Orcutt, our “Golfer of the Century”, became the first honorary member in 1951. It was not until 1973 that another woman Mrs. Philip Cudone, was so honored. Since then Ann Beard, Bridgid Shanley Lamb, Dot Paluck, Ann Probert, Rosemary Mankiewicz, Mrs. Albert B. Bower, Alison Choate, Cynthia Alexandre Foshay, Kathy Light, Peggy Mackie, Phyllis Schofield, and Stella Oliver have all been given this honor.