Mission Statement

The mission of the Women’s Metropolitan Golf Association is to foster women’s amateur golf and to encourage the participation of junior girls, while promoting integrity, respect for the game, and good fellowship through individual and team competition.

Founded in 1899, the Women’s Metropolitan Golf   is the second oldest women’s golf association in the United States. The WMGA has a membership of over 200 clubs and over 2,300 individual members. Member Clubs are among the oldest and most prestigious in the country, and individuals must have a maximum USGA Handicap Index of 23.0 to join. Member Clubs are within a 60-mile radius of Columbus Circle in New York City and all of Long Island, and are located in one of the following three districts of the WMGA:

  • Westchester/Connecticut
  • New Jersey (including Staten Island)
  • Long Island

In order to fulfill its obligation as a Member Club, each club is required to offer its course every three years, if requested, for a WMGA tournament other than Team Matches. Special consideration extending the rotation term is offered to a club that hosts a multi-day tournament.

The WMGA conducts about 30 competitions each year, providing WMGA members with one of the largest and most varied playing schedules in the country. The schedule includes:

  • One-day individual stroke play
  • Multi-day individual stroke play
  • Team, partner, junior and senior events
  • Family championships
  • Inter-district,inter-city, international team competitions

Included in these special events is the WMGA/MGA Women’s Amateur Championship, open to member and non-member female golfers with a USGA Handicap Index maximum of 12.0 and the WMGA/Met PGA Open.

Our organization, supported largely by volunteers, conducts course rating for women golfers in the Metropolitan area. This complimentary service is provided for both member and public clubs. The WMGA relies upon a strong, forward-thinking Board of Directors, and its network of club representatives (known as Met Reps) and volunteers who give of their time, talent and energy to shepherd the growth of the WMGA. The WMGA remains dedicated to its objective of fostering good sportsmanship, good fellowship and friendly rivalry and to recognize and develop skilled amateur junior and women golfers through individual competition and team play.

Our Partnerships

The WMGA is an active partner with the New Jersey State Golf Association, the Metropolitan Golf Association and the Metropolitan PGA. We partner with the MGA to conduct an annual Metroplitan Amateur Championship, Women’s Public Links Championship, and Mixed Pinehurst and with the Met PGA to conduct the Women’s Metropolitan Open Championship and Junior Girls’ Open Championship. We are one of the founding members of The Women’s Golf Alliance comprised of women’s state and regional golf associations.

Junior Girls’ Programs

The WMGA is dedicated to junior golf. The WMGA offers “Girls to the Tee”, a free clinic to junior girls in conjunction with PGA professionals. It is the hope that the clinic will foster friendships among the participants, identify juniors with special talent, and teach basics and love of the game. The WMGA has instituted a Fellowship Membership to qualified juniors who do not belong to member clubs. The Women’s Metropolitan Golf Association also has a Foundation that awards money for four years of college to deserving girls with an interest in golf.