Volunteer Sign-up

The WMGA greatly appreciates members assisting us by volunteering at our tournaments. 

Below are descriptions of each volunteer role. Please check the tournament links below to sign up for specific volunteer roles and time slots.

Rules Official – Certified USGA Rules Official
Marker – Volunteer to keep score of the player, may or may not play but they should not delay Pace of Play
Pace of Play Monitor – Volunteer stationed at a checkpoint hole to monitor Pace of Play
Spotter – Forecaddie stationed to a hole for the competition
Check-In – Volunteer who welcomes and directs players to facilities such as locker rooms, pro shop and breakfast locations.



Golf Illustrated – Knollwood (WCT) – May 3rd

Myra D. Paterson – Springdale (NJ) – May 18th

Metropolitan Amateur Championship – Southampton (LI) – June 8th

Stroke Play “B” Championship – Deepdale (LI) – June 21st

Family Day Westchester – Otterkill (WCT) – June 23rd

Stroke Play “A” Championship – Deepdale (LI) – June 28th

Match Play Championships – Ardsley (WCT) – July 19th – 22nd

Junior Girls Intercity – Arcola (NJ) – June 29th

Junior Girls Intercity – Arcola (NJ) – June 30th