Course Rating

Course rating, being the foundation of the handicap system, is perhaps one of the WMGA’s greatest responsibilities.  We are constantly at work rating more than fifty courses per year in the metropolitan area.  It takes about the same amount of time to rate a course as to play it. We usually work in teams of four, a Team Leader and three other raters. The raters work in their own districts.


Course Rating helps you see the golf course in an entirely different way. It can expose you to the individual elements of golf architecture that give a specific course its slope and rating.


Course rating is extremely detailed, so attending a course rating seminar is required for volunteers.  Course Rating is a great way to learn more about the game of golf.


If you would like to be a Course Rater, please contact the course rating chair, Heidi Komoriya.




Series Captain – Interclub Team Matches

The importance of the Series Captain to the WMGA cannot be emphasized enough!  The team matches are the backbone of the WMGA, involving many of our clubs and more than 1,000 members annually.


Planning and organization prior to the matches is key for all Series Captains. Captains meet in March prior to the matches with the Interclub Team Match Chairman, respective District Captain and all the other series captains in the district. The purpose of this meeting is to assist the new series captains and revisit any issues from previous years. The goal is to review procedures to give everyone a sound understanding of the protocol for the matches. The good judgment of a Series Captain, who is "where the action is", is critical to the success of doing the job.


The responsibilities are

·        Contact all team captains prior to matches

·        Check on the arrangements for the matches at each host club

·        Run the matches and report results to your District Captain

·        Write a thank you note to each host club


If you would like to be a series captain, contact your district chairman.




Tournament Chair

Tournament Chairs work directly with the WMGA Director of Operations and the office staff to ensure that all events are well run and organized.  The day of the event, the Tournament Chair helps check-in players, monitor the pace of play, helps manage the event and promotes the next event. There is always WMGA staff as well as other volunteers at the event. Tournament Chairs volunteer for two or three events throughout the summer. A Tournament chair works in her own district.


If you would like to be get involved and volunteer to be a Tournament chair.   Contact the VP of Competitions or the WMGA Office.  We will have volunteer meetings prior to the season to educate new volunteers and distribute all relevant material.