Entry & Cancellation Policy


Tournament Entries


1. A player may submit only one entry per tournament using one of the following options: online registration, the entry forms or a printable entry form from the WMGA website.


2. The tournament entry fee includes continental breakfast and lunch, the golf competition, and access to the range and practice area. Fees for cart rental and caddie will be paid for by the player at the tournament site.


3. Entries will be accepted starting April 1 and will close at 11:59 PM on the final entry date indicated for each tournament.
If the field is not full, late entries may be considered by the Executive Director. Call the WMGA office for information.


4. After entries close, tournament information will be posted on the WMGA website and starting times will be emailed to players who have an email address on file. If the tournament is oversubscribed, the only notice that will be mailed or emailed will be to those on the waiting list.


5. The field for a tournament is not selected on the basis of the order in which the entries are submitted. If a tournament is not fully subscribed, all who enter will be in the field. If a tournament is oversubscribed, the following
procedures will apply:


a) Met Am, Match Play, Stroke Play, or Senior “A” Championship – One-half of the field will be filled by entrants having the lowest Handicap Indexes and the remaining half will be selected by draw. Exceptions will be determined by the VP of Competitions.


b) One-Day Stroke Play A&B Events – The entire field will be selected by draw. Approximately 50% of the field will be selected from Class A and 50% from Class B. An entrant in contention for Player of the Year may be given priority.


c) All other WMGA tournaments – The entire field will be selected by draw.


d) A waiting list of entrants will be maintained for each oversubscribed tournament. Each player on this list may, at the discretion of the Executive Director, receive for the next similar tournament. Such priority will not be given for the Match Play or Stroke Play Championship.


6. A team will be entered in a partner tournament as such. If one player is unable to participate, the team will be removed
from the list of entrants. The available partner may select another partner and the new team will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list.


Tournament Cancellation & Refund Policies


1. Pairings are made after the event’s closing date, at which time entry fees will be refunded only if the event is oversubscribed
or cancelled. Requests for refunds will only be accepted in writing and the amount of the refund, if any, may be reduced by tournament costs.


2. If you withdraw for any reason within 24 hours of your assigned starting time, you may be responsible for any caddie fees incurred by the WMGA.


3. If you need to cancel for any reason at any time, PLEASE contact the WMGA office immediately.