Met Rep Guidelines

The Met Rep is an ambassador of the WMGA to her club, its female members and she is a spokesperson for her club to the WMGA. She is chosen by her club’s fellow WMGA members. As the ambassador, the Met Rep should convey WMGA spirit and promote our organization’s visibility at her club.

Membership – Renew all current members; recruit new members who meet the requirements as per the Tournament Schedule Book [TSB]; and encourage players to work on their game to become eligible for membership.  (September – December)

To renew and recruit, please be sure to ask your pro shop for a list of all female golfers currently at your club.  This list should include their name, Handicap Index, GHIN #, and e-mail address.

Please contact all those eligible members after the November 15th handicap index final revisions.  There is now a sample letter to assist you in the renewal and recruitment process. [Go to and look under Membership tab].

Be sure to follow up with potential members before the December 14th deadline.

Junior Membership: We also ask that you help us recruit girls from your club who demonstrate a genuine interest in the game to participate in our junior membership program.  Again, there is sample letter to assist in this recruitment process.  [Go to and look under Membership tab].

Interclub Team Matches, if applicable, work with your Team Captain[s] to ensure that the Final Team Entry forms are accurate. [February 1 deadline]

If looking to enter a new team for our Interclub Team Matches review the Procedure for Entering Teams and Eligibility Rules for Teams and Players in the TSB and visit under the Team Matches Tab for the New Team Registration Form [NTRF].

Site Selection – Please work with the WMGA Sites Chair to procure your club for a tournament when required.  (Member Clubs are to offer their course every three years for a WMGA tournament not including team matches.)

Met Rep Meeting – attend the annual spring meeting specifically held in your district so you can relay information from this meeting to WMGA members at your club, i.e., rule changes, new policies. (Late March/Early April)

Volunteers Tournament – golf tournament held annually to thank all of the WMGA Met Reps and volunteers. The Met Rep is encouraged to bring a board member or other club representative to showcase the WMGA. (Mid-October)

WMGA Annual Meeting – attend the year-end celebration brunch, awards ceremony and business meeting. The Met Rep should encourage all WMGA members to attend including the Women’s Golf Chair. (End of October)

If you have any questions or need assistance with any of this information, please do not hesitate to contact the WMGA office (914-592-7888) or Donna De Marco, Membership Chair (