Tournament Signup

Date Tournament Host Site

April 24, 26,

May 1, 3, 8

Team Matches  
May 16 Interdistrict Playoff Rockaway Hunting (LI)
May 22 Myra D. Paterson Tournament - Invitational Hamilton Farm (NJ)
May 23 Golf Illustrated Tournament - Invitational Metropolis (WCT)

May 31,

June 1

Griscom Cup Matches - Invitational Rolling Greens (PA)
June 4-5 WMGA/Met PGA Women's Met Open Mill River (LI)
June 7 One Day Stroke Play A&B Tuxedo (WCT)
June 11 Metropolitan Amatuer Championship Saint Andrew's (WCT)
June 18 Better Ball Gross & Net Tournament Port Jefferson (LI)
June 25-28 Match Play Championship Essex Fells (NJ)
June 26-27 Junior Intercity - Invitational Apawamis (WCT)
July 2, 3 Maureen Orcutt Trophy Tournament White Beeches (NJ)
July 12 MGA/WMGA Women's Public Links Bethpage - Green (LI)
July 24, 25 Stroke Play Championship North Shore (LI)
August 1 One Day Stroke Play A&B Echo Lake (NJ)
August 2 "B" Stroke Play Championship Scarsdale (WCT)
August 8

Father-Daughter, Mother-Daughter, Sister-Sister,

Sister-Brother Championships (Family Day)

Paramount (WCT)
August 9 Mother-Son Championship Ramsey (NJ)
August 14 MGA/WMGA Mixed Pinehurst Championship Glen Ridge (NJ)
August 16 Better Ball Gross & Net Tournament Stanton Ridge (NJ)
August 22 Junior Girls' Open Championship Rye (WCT)
August 28 Sis Choate Pinehurst Tournament NJ National (NJ)
August 29 Best-Ball-of-Four Club Tournament GlenArbor (WCT)
September 10 Husband-Wife "A" Championship Meadow Brook (LI)
September 17 Husband-Wife "B" Championship Spring Brook (NJ)
September 26 John B. Mackie Memorial Tournament Inwood (LI)
September 27 One Day Stroke Play A&B Huntington (LI)
October 9 Better Ball "B" Championship Trump - HV (WCT)
October 9-10 Better Ball "A" Championship Trump - HV (WCT)
October 18 Volunteer Tournament Lake Success (LI)
  Date & Site to be confirmed:  
  Seniors "B" Championship TBD (LI)
  Seniors "A" Championship TBD (LI)